The Special Search is a website that helps you exploit the power of Content Marketing to optimize your content, website, or marketing campaigns.

Through this website,

I intend to help businesses with High-Quality Content and Long-term Organic Growth.

The website is owned by me, Dhirendra Chandra Das, an SEO, and Organic Growth expert.

My Core Skills

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Content Marketing

Personal Projects

  • The Special Search – B2B Content Marketing
  • Our Soul Writes – Personalized Blog for all Topics on the Web
  • Das Finance – Crypto News and Reviews
  • Das Crypto – Crypto Data Aggregation

My Professional Journey

Over the past few years, my journey has been through many learning and working experiences.

Aug 2018- April 2021

  • Started Content Writing in 2018 during my College Years.
  • Started full-time freelancing after graduating with a Bachelor of Technology in 2020 from Veer Surendra Sai University of Technology(VSSUT) Burla.

August 2021-October 2021

  • Entered Blockchain Industry. Within the industry, the career progressed through:
    • Content Writer
    • SEO
    • Digital Marketer
    • News Editor

Nov 2021-Nov 2022

Coincodecap(Nov 2021-Jan 2022, Feb 2022-July 2022)

  • Part-time content writer and crypto journalist (Nov 2021-Jan2022)
  • News Editor (Feb 2022-May 2022)
  • SEO (June 2022-July 2022)

Left due to team layoffs, I was offered half my salary with an increased workload.

NonceBlox(Jan 2022-June 2022)

Worked as SEO,

Developed their 2 Websites: CryptoCoffeeTales and Cherton Media

August 2022-Nov 2022

The Layer

  • SEO, Editor
  • Helped them rank 12 pages on Google #1.

Project Halted due to lack of funds.

Nov 2022- Present

  • Back to Freelancing due to difficult conditions in Blockchain Industry.
  • Expanded portfolio to other industries like Cloud, DevOps, Software Engineering, etc., in addition to Blockchain.

Collaborating as a Consultant with:

  1. MetaOrange Digital – Content Writer and Marketer
  2. Redwood Algorithms – SEO
  3. Voice of Crypto – Technical Writer
  4. GuerillaBuzz – Content Writer, Press Releases
  5. Strategy Connect – Content Writer for Forbes Business Council Member