Ranking on Google Page 1: Case Study of SparklingCanvas.in

Sparkling Canvas is a Sweet Shop in Mumbai specializing in Odia Sweets. They serve unique sweets from Odisha’s Cuisine, such as Chhena Podh, Rasabali, Odia Rasagola, Steam Sondesh, Mudhi Muan, Labanga Lata, Khaja Pheni, and other sweets.

Their Need

When their profile came to me for ranking on Google, they specifically asked to rank for “Chhena Poda in Mumbai.” Chhena Poda is their unique dish made of Milk Solida(paneer).

Before I started Work

Their profile analysis showed that they hardly had any backlinks but two. Even those backlinks were from low Domain Rating websites.

Backlinks Prior to Work

Another analysis showed that the pages on Google Page 2 for the term “Chhena Poda in Mumbai” had pages without any backlinks.

So clearly, there was a ranking potential if I gave Sparkling Canvas 2 more backlinks.


The website was in a specific niche where they ranked for an Indian Sweet, Chhena Poda. It was not a Your Money Your Life (Money, Finance, Medicine, and Healthcare) niche. Therefore, Expert, Authority, and Trust rules were not strict here.

Finally, I did an SEO analysis of their competitors. It turns out that most of their competitors did not have much backlinking websites pointing at them.

The analysis showed that:

In the Short Term, their website needed backlinks.

In the Long Term, they needed an attached blog with a few backlinks pointing at those blog posts.

My Method

I ranked the website on Google Page 2 within 1 day.

  • One Wikipedia Backlink. It wasn’t easy to get because Wikipedia kept eliminating those links. Lesson: Wikipedia considers “.xyz” domains as spam.
  • Five backlinks from 3 Websites that I own within the same niche.
  • Some backlinks from Quora. Yes, Quora backlinks matter when they have sufficient views.
My Website Opinion Matters was used to link back to the domain.
My Website Opinion Matters


#UPDATE: They are already ranking on Google Page #1. However, for Google #1 rankings within Page 1, there is a month-long effort with some extra charges.

Sparkling Canvas Finally on Google Page 1.


As a result of my SEO efforts, the website ranked #8 on Google Page 1. Further, I will update the blog as and when the rankings further improve. The final target is to Rank them #1 on Google for “Chhena Poda in Mumbai.”


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